Magic Consultant – “Magic Moments”, Costa Magica
2005 – current

“The Magic Moments” show is undoubtedly the most popular show we have created. I thank you again for your help, creativity and support preparing it.”

– Gary Glading, Director of Entertainment, Costa Cruise Lines 2005

“Connie Boyd’s magical knowledge, enthusiastic team spirit and creativity were instrumental in the development and set-up of the highly successful “Magic Moments” show playing on the Costa Magica since 2005.  Guests worldwide have enthusiastically received the customized magic effects and illusions created by Connie Boyd for our production singers and dancers.  She’s dedicated, patient and generous with her time to maintain the integrity of the magic and show, producing amazing results.”

– Karen Langford, Entertainment Production Coordinator, Costa Crociere 2013

Creative Consultant • Afro Armiba Productions
“Fiesta Fantasia”, “Mythology”, “Vibrations”, “Shapes”, “Enchanted Castles”
2006 – current

“Connie Boyd’s organization, energy, practicality and talent have been vital contributions to the pre-production; show installation and day-to-day execution of our shows.  She is fabulous to work with extremely reliable, responsible and clever.”

– Heather VonRuben, Producer, Afro Arimba Productions, South Africa

Creative Writer – Call Back News, Las Vegas “Ciao for Now” Connie Boyd
2004 – 2009

“For nearly two decades, Callback Entertainment News has been THE entertainment trade paper in Las Vegas.  It serves this community by publishing auditions, news, profiles, resources, and advice in order to help our community stay connected and informed.  The inclusion of Connie’s articles in our publication gives us both greater depth and breadth.  Her profiles highlight some of the best performers and artists in the industry, and she gives us a personal insight into these people this rarely found in normal interviews.  Connie’s perspectives and commentary, on the industry as a whole speaks to the entire readership as someone who has “been there” and knows what’s going on.  Her experience, her background and her observations have been an invaluable resource for us.  We at Callback News love Connie Boyd and all that she has graciously bestowed upon us.”

– Chuck Rounds, Editor-in-Chief, Call Back News 2004-2008