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Connie Boyd Magic teams up with the creative, talented duo, Elaine Alcorn and Cody Hancock – Hooray – to present a unique, cirque show combining aerial acts, stilt performances, clown antics, puppetry, comedy magic and stylized singing. The result is a zany cirque spectacular that is playful, quirky fun for all.

Who can resist an oversized dancing zebra defying her trainer?

Each unique, riveting performance routine make this show a winner with audiences of all ages – Hooray!

Each performer brings unique, individual skill sets with fabulous results.

Hooray provides excellent value, as accommodation and costs are minimalized with this talented team. Hooray is offered in conjunction with a different Connie Boyd Magic show to double your pleasure and double your value – Hooray – a winning entertainment package for everyone.

Zany + Clever + Fun =
Elaine and Cody – Hip Hip Hooray!