New Website!

It’s June 2013 and finally the new web site is up and running.  It’s taken a lot of time and energy to update all the material so it’s current.  The web designer, Jane at Gravity Station has been very patient with my hectic work schedule and all the material that she had to sort through and organize to make it a web friendly, informative site.  I sincerely hope that you like the new site, please send me your feedback and comments, I’m very interested in understanding and learning from others how you view the material and information.

I’m based out of Europe through November on the Costa Pacifica currently sailing in Northern Europe.  I adore the Pacifica, “the ship of the music” at the moment I have an excellent cast of beautiful, talented, professional dancers (Johannes, Samir, Norbert, Becky & Monique,) a very good technical crew and support (HT Marco DiFebo, light-Samba, sound-Luca, SM-Fabio, Stage-Ceasar, Fabio, Lima & Joseph, Broadcast-Andrea & Camera-Ciprian), a gorgeous theater to play in and a wonderful cruise director, Petra Malin.  So life is very good at the moment.  Having done this for a while I know to appreciate the highs if and when they “appear” as every cast and technical change brings new challenges and adjustments.  The show is so much easier and stronger when the show is running smoothly and the cast and crew know the show and material and you like and trust them!

I have been contracted as a “guest-arist”, inter-port as it’s known here since December.  That means I fly on the ship for performances and off the ship afterwards.  It’s very interesting as I am traveling to places I’ve never been, and I am based out of Genova, Italy which means I will enjoy an actual summer on the Italian Riviera as well as the beauty of Northern Europe such as Iceland and Norway and the combination of nature and fascinating cultures in the Baltic.

I’m a trolley girl and the show remains on the ship, so I just fly on and off for performances with my carry on baggage.  I’ve been doing this on and off since 2002 and really prefer this type of contract, although it means I must be more organized and disciplined than contracts where I am “fixed” at a location or on-board a ship.

The “Illusions” show on the Costa Classica, currently staring Simone Shapland, has been really successful in Asia and Dubai and now is back in the Mediterranean entertaining a multitude of Europeans.  It also has been engaged and extended through November this year, so good work has been rewarded!

I’m developing a new magic show around a female magician and talent that I believe has great potential internationally in all venues.  It’s challenging and exciting working out new routines, trying to be disciplined with a budget and developing new material.  There’s SO much work involved to create a new 2-3 minute number.  My job is to entertain, but sometimes I wish the public could recognize and understand the blood, sweat and tears involved in the simplist of performances.  Of course that would shatter the magic of sitting back and enjoying the show without distractions and behind the scenes knowledge.

If I think about it, rarely if ever do I consider the work behind a commerial or television program, in fact usually I am multi-tasking and not giving it much thought at all.  So the fact that audience members actually sit in a theater and give the show their undivided attention is very flattering.  Of course it’s also a huge responsibility creating a show to entertain and hopefully amaze…

Six months into 2013 and it’s been a great roller coaster ride to date.  I’ll try to post a blog monthly to let you know what’s happening and where the shows and I are heading, no promises I can’t keep, but I’ll try.

Ciao for now, Connie