“Over twelve years I’ve been consistently amazed by Connie Boyd’s magic, her magic production “Illusions” is a perfect example of Connie’s expert professional creativity and illusion skills.

I’ve had the pleasure to present “Illusions” over various contracts with different worldwide itineraries and diverse guests including: experienced VIP audiences with vast entertainment exposure – Chinese guests – Arabian guests – Europeans – North and South Americans and – in all cases the show provided excellent guest response.

I am always excited to present “Illusions” because I know from the first minute it will be a success and compliments and astonishment from the audience are guaranteed.

Technically the show is carefully constructed with a lot of variety and no dead or slow spots. Whoever will have the pleasure to present any production of Connie Boyd Magic is a very lucky cruise director.”

Petra Malin
Cruise Director – Costa Cruise Lines
Cruise Ship Diaries 2 – Costa Deliziosa 2011 – National Geographic Worldwide Broadcast

“Connie Boyd’s, attention to detail, experience, creativity and precise casting with “Illusions” have provided consistent results and enthusiastic responses from management and guests.  

With repeated contract extensions and renewals, the “Illusions” show has proven to be a highly successful magic  production show generating superb results.”

Paola Unali, President
Selection SRL


 “Connie Boyd shattered the glass ceiling of magic to become the foremost magician of our time.”

Easter Seals Telethon, Live Televised Performance

“The strongest act I have seen in years. A delightful, magical woman to perform with.”

Mr. Eddy Arnold, Country Music Star

“The premiere female magician of the day…”

San Francisco Chronicle, Datebook

“One finds through the eyes of Connie Boyd, elegance, charm and poetry in her presentations.”

Gilles Arthur, Producer “Mandrake D’Or”, Paris, France

“Today’s most innovative female magician.”

Lee Ragonese, Entertainment Dir, Harrah’s, Lake Tahoe

“Connie Boyd cleverly combines theater and magic, creating a style that is truly unique and very exciting.”

Dick Foster, Dick Foster Productions, “Spellbound”

“Boyd can be described as delicious entertainment.”

Bill Willard, Variety, Los Angeles

“The prettiest and the sexiest magician I have ever seen!”

Roy Jernigan, Entertainment Director, Riverside, Laughlin & Orleans, Las Vegas

“Combining music, modern dance and nifty new illusions, the fetching Boyd is on track…”

Michael Paskevich, Las Vegas Review Journal

 “Connie Boyd bends the gender gap of a traditional magic act.”

Dennis Michaels, C.N.N. – Showbiz Today, Worldwide Broadcast

“The Beauty of Magic of Connie Boyd is graceful but penetrating. Her performance is like a fresh breeze of fragrance to the audience.”

Yu Yigang, Vice President of Shanghai Media & Entertainment Group
Executive Deputy Secretary General of Shanghai International Magic Festival

“The enthusiastic reaction of the Chinese audiences proves that Connie Boyd’s magic transcends international boundaries.”

Max Maven, Academy of Magical Arts Trustee, Professional Magic Authority

“The Beauty of Magic kicked the show off to a beautiful start indeed. Her energetic magic is visually appealing on all levels – literally! When she flew into the air, not only did she soar, but our hearts did as well.”

Rory Johnston, Magic Magazine Editor, Professional Magic Judge and Critic