Chicks with Tricks

“Chicks with Tricks” is a sensational, sophisticated and sensuous world-class, all-female variety show. This multi-talented cast will attract big audiences and increase your profile – all while keeping your production and advertising costs low.

A collection of some of the finest female variety performers from around the globe, this show is easily defined by one word – adaptable.

Looking for a family attraction? No problem. Need a more adult show? Easily done. Need both in one night? With alternate choreography and costuming, this show can go from modest to mature at the drop of a sequined glove.

Each portion of the show is a separate, self-contained act, making it easy for the production to fit your timeframe and the specifics of your venue.

Because each performer has handled all of the pre-production and costuming, there is no need for a lengthy rehearsal schedule or costly wardrobe. These Chicks with Tricks are polished professionals, ready to entertain. You’ll get a hassle-free, turnkey operation.

With the novelty of female production, there is excellent potential for increased media coverage plus product marketing and branding. Utilizing elegant costuming and a clean, sophisticated look, these women are perfect for print, social media and television exposure.

High-kick your showroom into high gear. Present the beauty and artistry of Chicks with Tricks.