Connie Boyd provides a quality, qualified choice for magic consultation and artistic direction.

“I have known Connie Boyd first as a magician and now as a producer and consultant for over twenty years. Connie brings practical experience and knowledge to every project and a genuine passion for entertainment that has not diminished over the years.

When Connie Boyd is involved in a project, it will be organized, with clear directions and creativity. She is unique in that she is able to physically and technically demonstrate and develop material for assistants, technicians & magicians.”

Bill Smith’s Magic Ventures, Las Vegas, USA

Consultant/Creative Services

Looking for an artistic creative talent? Connie Boyd brings a lifetime of expertise and enthusiasm to your stage. Connie Boyd is a consummate team player, team builder or artistic/magic director bringing energy, enthusiasm, experience and passion to each project she commits to with complete attention to detail and focus.

Extensive knowledge in all aspects of live performance is at your command when you hire this award-winning producer and creative consultant.

Everything she touches is infused with a bit of magic. That is evident in the look, the feel and the quality of the final product.

Crisp choreography, creative direction and an eye for design all come together to produce a show that will bring audiences to their feet.

You’ll get her expertise in:

Illusion Installation

Prop Construction



Aerial AcrobaticsAudio/Visual Effects



Set Design





Innovation, imagination and technical know-how are at your disposal – there to bring your dreams to reality. Set your expectations to ‘Stunning’ and introduce your choreographer, director, and technical crew the one and only, Connie Boyd.

Magic Consultant, Magic Direction, Magic Installation – “Magic Moments”

“The Magic Moments” show is undoubtedly the most popular show we have created. I thank you again for your help, creativity and support preparing it.

Gary Glading, Director of Entertainment
Costa Cruise Lines Installation 2005 – current

Creative Team, Production Installation

“Connie Boyd’s organization, energy, practicality and talent have been vital contributions to the pre-production, show installation and data-to-date execution of our shows. She is fabulous to work with, extremely reliable, responsible and clever.

Heather VonRuben, Producer
Afro Arimba Productions, South Africa