Connie Boyd Magic presents “Illusions,” starring magician extraordinaire Svitlana.

“Illusions” is a proven, unprecedented magic production show that offers over ten years experience, beguiling and bewildering guests, in the cruising industry.

Treat your audiences to the unique novelty of a female magician and the ingenuity of incorporating the on-board production in a proven, clever, full-evening magic show that imaginatively intertwines dance, illusion and audiovisual effects throughout.

When you engage “Illusions” your on-board cruise package or event, sizzles. This spell-binding show guarantees outstanding results and guests will be delighted with original magic that intrigues and is the talk of the cruise. “How did she do it” is the catch phrase as audiences leave the theatre.

Precise casting, superb performance standards, awe-inspiring magic and dance will bewitch your clients and audiences alike. Exceptional results ensue complimenting and adding diversity to your entertainment and event package.

“Illusions” physically, artistically and technically creates scenarios; literally bringing pictures, props and stories to life through magic, music, song and illusion.

Don’t miss the opportunity to captivate and benefit from “Illusions” proven international appeal, success and experience, as in North & South America, Europe and Asia.

Even the most sophisticated guests and clients will be bedazzled, intrigued and amazed with fresh, contemporary magical talent presented with a feminine flair. Engage this show and make a statement to be remembered, recommended and remarked upon.

Book “Illusions” now, don’t let this opportunity vanish.

Over twelve years I’ve been consistently amazed by Connie Boyd’s magic, her magic production “Illusions” is a perfect example of Connie’s expert professional creativity and illusion skills.

I’ve had the pleasure to present “Illusions” over various contracts with different worldwide itineraries and diverse guests including: experience VIP audiences with vast entertainment exposure – Chinese guests – Arabian guests – Europeans – North and South Americans and – in all cases the show provided excellent guest response.

I am always excited to present “Illusions” because I know from the first minute it will be a success and compliments and astonishment from the audience are guaranteed.

Technically the show is carefully constructed with a lot of variety and no dead or slow spots. Whoever will have the pleasure to present any production of Connie Boyd Magic is a very lucky cruise director.

Petra Malin, Cruise Director
Cruise Ship Diaries 2 – National Geographic Worldwide Broadcast


Connie Boyd’s attention to detail, experience, creativity and precise casting with “Illusions” have provided consistent results and enthusiastic responses from management and guests.

With repeated contract extensions and renewals, the “Illusions” show has proven to be a highly successful magic production show generating superb results.

Paola Unali, President
Selection SRL