Connie Boyd’s Biography

Connie Boyd offers over twenty-five years of proven professional entertainment experience. As a performer she was acclaimed from Los Angeles to Monte Carlo as “the premier female magician in the world today.”  The alluring, gifted entertainer’s award winning style of legerdemain astounded audiences worldwide and provided unparalleled expertise to each and every event.

Boyd’s shows are innovative with signature feminine twists that delight and astound, her coaching and mentoring has produced many amazing, formidable female magician artists.

Born in Newmarket, Canada, Connie started studying dance as a child and her passion for theater, dance and drama developed from there. She auditioned and earned a scholarship as a special student with the National Ballet School of Canada. At age eighteen, when a serious tendon injury stopped her from pursuing a classical dance career, she rebounded by auditioning for a unique opportunity with Circus Tivoli an innovative, one-ring European style circus scheduled to tour Canada.

Connie secured the position as a partner to an established Polish acrobat with perch-pole and adagio hand-balancing acts. Remarkably, she learned those two acts in just two months of intense training in Florida. Circus Tivoli’s publicity department was enthusiastic about the young Canadian “who ran away and joined the circus” and Connie was coached for interviews to represent the show. She was a quick study, sincere and likeable, the press was highly favorable.

Connie trained diligently to become a formidable single trapeze aerilist and a juggling assistant to Wally Eastwood, who she met at Circus Tivoli. Together with her juggling partner they toured internationally and nationally. When a piece of rigging broke at the Astrodome in Houston, Texas in 1986, Connie fell and broke both her feet. She jokes, “that was the time I decided to become a magician.” The truth was that Connie never felt as confident in the air after her fall, despite possibilities to work in major showrooms in Las Vegas and Reno. Connie started investigating different performance avenues to showcase her creativity and talent. Her aerial skills and strength contributed later on with in-air straight jacket escapes and acrobatic staging.

While Connie was performing in the juggling act in “Splash” at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas, she watched the star of the show, Barclay Shaw, a famous magician and puppeteer. Connie observed Barclay’s performance as often as possible and he recognized her interest in magic and suggested she study and pursue a career in magic. Incredibly, Barclay’s inspiration to become a magician was a female magician named “Cleopatra,” and thus he supported women in magic. With Barclay’s encouragement and his manager’s support Connie began putting together a magic act that complimented her dance, theater and acrobatic skills.

“I am so grateful to have discovered a career in magic, it continues to challenge, stimulate and intrigue me. It uses every ability and asset I possess and I am always growing and developing. I cannot imagine a better or different career choice.”

In 1988, Connie’s magic career was launched at a Christmas show at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas attended by Barclay Shaw. She’s never looked back, her award winning show “The Beauty of Magic” was based from Las Vegas and has appeared on five continents. Connie’s work was uniquely her own, her passion to create and develop new material has never diminished.  She credits magic consultant Don Wayne and artistic director Joanie Spina for influencing and being instrumental in her magic development and career.

In October 2016, Connie’s personal career focus shifted 100% from stage performance to show production.  She dedicated her time to consulting, directing, producing and mentoring.  Since 2009 to 2020 Boyd produced and had running four different magic production shows, “Illusions”, “Chicks with Tricks”, “ILLUSIONISTA” and “the Beauty of Magic” each starring different female magicians. Connie personally cast,  groomed and mentored many of the exception magicians. Each presented individual artistic performances with exciting stage presence and excellent magic skills.

“Illusions”, a magic production starring a female magician, was Boyd’s first producing venture. The highly successful show enjoyed bookings and extensions for over ten consecutive years. “The Beauty of Magic,” Boyd’s own, first full evening magic show, included many award-winning illusion routines with signature feminine twists. “Chicks with Tricks” debuted in December 2014 with an updated version “Chicks with Tricks -2020” in a new theatre that launched just months before the global pandemic.  That show celebrated fabulous, talented women excelling in their fields of entertainment.  “ILLUSIONISTA” debuted in 2018 and starred Svitlana offering “plug & play” and grand illusion booking options.

Since 2005, Connie’s experience and expertise led to creative and artistic consultant positions for several successful magic and musical production shows. She is a valued team member & an innovative problem solver, creator and builder. Connie Boyd is a guaranteed “ace up your sleeve.”  

In June 2020 she launched a youtube channel “Magical Women with Connie Boyd” featuring weekly in-depth guest talks with some of the best magicians in the world.  In August 2020 she began contributing monthly articles for Vanish Int’l Magic Magician under her “Magical Women” title. 

I am so grateful to have the privilege to work and create, mentor, produce and coach, to do what I love to do for a living.

“Creating magic and wonder, helping audiences suspend disbelief, hearing a truly astonished gasp, those are the moments that make the efforts, the trials and the failures worth the results. Through magic I have travelled the world, I’ve met and worked with amazing talent, I have friends I respect and admire, and I’ve discovered and leaned from all these magical life experiences. I am incredibly fortunate and I hope you will be inspired by our work, our ethics and that you will find beauty and magic in your lives, everyday.”

The foremost female magician of our time.