Simone Shapland


Statuesque Simone Shapland starred in the premiere launch of “Chicks with Tricks” on the Costa Deliziosa in December 2014 and is the Queen, Chick with Tricks.

Simone performs in multiple Connie Boyd Magic shows with extended engagements in Europe, Asia and the US. Simone’s magic transcends national, cultural and language barriers.

Simone is a Connie Boyd prodigy and a dramatic, dynamic magician with remarkable physical skills in illusions and escapes. Simone’s training as a professional classical ballet dancer brings poise, grace and elegance to her performances, delighting audiences with spell-binding magic that garner rave reviews.

Transitioning from a magician’s assistant to lead magician, Simone brings over ten years of professional magic experience to each performance, she has a formidable magic repertoire including technical stage, illusion and escape magic. Simone Shapland is guaranteed and proven to delight and dazzle the most sophisticated audiences.

The Australian magician has been featured in Magic Magazine’s “Sirens at Sea” and most recently in an in-depth interview with ArteFake, France-January 2019


“Chicks with Tricks” was included in the entertainment package that USA Today rated #2 on the “Top 10 Best Cruise Ship Entertainment 2016”.

“To have Simone is a guarantee of success. A
great performer & her smile brings extra light onstage. She is charismatic and full of energy.”

Alejandro González de Haro, Cruise Director
Costa Cruise Lines

“She’s a great professional & I love Simone”

Max Bertolotto, Tu Si Que Vales