The Beauty of Magic

The Beauty of Magic is an artful blend of theater, dance, charm, comedy and intrigue. An international, award-winning illusion show, The Beauty of Magic is presented with grace and style.

Romance, elegance, and humor distinguish this production from any other illusion show in the world. You’ll experience new, original illusions, as well as time-tested classics – all presented with Connie Boyd Magic’s signature feminine flair.

With extending engagements in Europe, Asia and the US, this show transcends the national, cultural and language barriers.

Engage the most theatrical, elegant and magical illusion show your audience is likely to see. Imagine laughter, cheers and wonder filling your showroom and leaving the crowd breathless.

See for yourself why The Beauty of Magic, enchants and delights the most sophisticated audiences.

Give your audience the gift of wonder. Give them The Beauty of Magic.