Connie Boyd Magic’s award winning style of legerdemain “The Beauty of Magic”, has astounded audiences worldwide.

“The Beauty of Magic” literally and figuratively the personification of the beauty and magic, is an artful blend of theater, dance, charm, comedy and intrigue interlaced with original illusion presentations that have garnered numerous awards, critical acclaim and increased ticket sales.

With a sophisticated style and a feminine flair for illusion the show is a refreshing departure from magical norms cleverly combining romance, elegance and humor to appeal to your audiences in a very unique, original way.

“The Beauty of Magic” might easily be the first female magician your audience will experience and attention to detail and passion for performance means clients will enjoy world-class entertainment unlike anything they have seen before.

Performing unique illusions and integrating music, lighting and visual effects “the Beauty of Magic” takes her audiences on an aesthetic journey of sights and sounds to dazzle the senses and create an unforgettable, remarkable magical experience customized to each event and engagement.

Treat your audience and clients to beautiful magic, with signature feminine twists that are guaranteed to astound and astonish, before they vanish at her command.